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Je remercie Cloé Angonin qui a traduit ces textes en anglais et me les a transmis.

The appropriate understanding of the qualities of the Being

Today I wish to talk about some principles of life that are important to integrate and manifest and that often appear deviated in some human behaviors. Therefore it’s pertinent to learn how not to throw the baby with the bathwater but to show some discernment in order to favour the reconciliation with our humanity.

The appropriate understanding of the qualities of the Being :

All along our journey in human experience, from our birth and especially during childhood, we’ve been impressed (we’ve assimilated principles within us) by outer behaviors, in peculiar those of our educators, first our parents and then our teachers. When those behaviors were not appropriate, when they were not reflecting pure qualities of the Being, we might have, later on, some difficulties to express them since we were not showed the right example. For sure each person has his own strengths and weaknesses and expresses himself according to his level of awareness and according to his beliefs about how Life is supposed to happen.
But is Life meant to happen this or that way ? Is that not a way to try to control it ?
Would it not be wiser to surrender to Its flow, knowing it is always on our side, constantly supporting us ?
Life, and here I mean The Source within, is indeed at each moment offering unconditional Love and Presence. When we accept to stop following our linear way of thinking (me I know ! And I judge), when we dare to redefine ourselves differently, from the point of view of consciousness ( in the heart), we can realign with the appropriate principles of Life, the one that elevates us, that makes us autonomous and powerful. And this alignment allows us to vibrate appropriately the universal principles, following our own way.
That’s why it’s important to redefine, to rehabilitate an appropriate definition of the qualities that dictates our behaviors and I invite you, through personal introspection, to check how you understand these words and how they have influenced you :

Authority is not authoritarianism.
Kind and caring authority offers guidance to the Being, shows it how to stand right and gives it sound indicators to make its own choices. It teaches the right positioning and conveys a beneficial rigour.

Rigour is not rigidity.
It leads towards independence and consistency. It also offers strength, and supports righteousness. Rigour is an essential basis that allows us everyday to be true to our choices, to respect and honour ourselves. It is one of the basis of Love.

Love is not permissiveness.
Love is a strength (actually the greatest)  and brings the being to his highest level. Love is, to begin with, to respect and honour oneself while acknowledging one’s own Divine Being.
Then it is also to love oneself in one’s humanitude, in the acknowledgment of that imperfect condition. Love begin with oneself and allows to say « I choose to love myself even though I’m sad, even though I’m tired, frustrated, anxious… Because I know those experiences are temporary while Love is the basis of Life. We are the expression of Love incarnated and we learn to improve in that context through our interactions and relationships. The love that we choose to give to ourselves (and by extension we offer to others) is inviting us to establish sound limits (not allowing everything) and to express compassion.

Compassion is not pity.
Pity is an expression of the lower personality, which unconsciously contains judgment and is focused on suffering. Compassion is to offer the light of the Divine Consciousness upon a situation without giving any judgment or entering suffuring, and to keep looking towards the solution. Compassion is therefore a strength allowing us to express our sensibility.

Sensibility is not sentimentality.
It’s a higher quality which allows us to vibrate and express our creativity. It helps us identify our emotions so that we learn to master them. It keeps us in our authenticity and Uniqueness. Sensibility is a quality helping us to be assertive.

 To be assertive is not to be leading or being superior.
Self-assertiveness supports the development and the radiance of the personality, and the expression, once again, of the Uniqueness. It helps us to define ourselves in this world without measuring or comparing with the outer world but through acknowledging our own qualities and value, our specificities. We are all Divine, coming from the Source and we all have chosen to express it in our unique way according to our comprehension. And that is appropriate and respectable. Therefore we radiate confidence.

Confidence is not pride.
Pride is based on the fear of not being good enough and on a complex of superiority, one aspect of the lower personality (in the non-acknowledgment and understanding of the divine principles).
Confidence, in the opposite, is a divine quality, the assertiveness of the Being acknowledging itself and showing its authenticity. It is a pure and simple enjoyment of Oneself in Simplicity.

To redefine appropriately these qualities, to acknowledge them and to wish to incarnate them, at our level and following our understanding of the moment which is always expanding, is inviting us to vibrate our personal note more appropriately and to harmonize our inner and outer relationships. It is an exercise of Appropriateness.

About the understanding of the unconscious emotional wounds

One of the difficulty I encounter, in my practice as well as in what people around me tell me, is to transmit to others that philosophy of self-development. It requires to achieve a certain way of thinking, which is of course not taught in childhood and quite often is the given education prejudiciable to self development.

It is necessary to find the right words or analogies which correspond to the world’s view of the other and are compatible with his way of thinking. The more a person is used to routine and accept the world as it is without any question the more it’s difficult for her mind to integrate new element. That’s why it’s useless to try to convince someone since everyone lives according to his own understandings. To be tolerant is important even towards one’self. Indeed, when you look back to the person you were  ten, five years ago, or even last year (things are moving so fast lately) you see  how different you were, though you did, then, your best according to your way of thinking.

For sure thanks to your experience,  you’ve got now a broader view of the reality but that doesn’t diminish your past value. Do travel light ! Stop dwelling on your past choices because you were doing the best you could ! Look forward to your future and always keep in mind the higher version of yourself you wish to manifest in this world. Be aware of your qualities and define clear inner goals  so that your energy flows easily and lightly.

Here are some principles, apparently obvious, but often unapplied by certain persons. For instance, a basic question which occurs quite often in my practice : « How much time do you spend each day to love yourself ?»  … A long silence and then the following question : « to love myself ? I never thought about it… » When expressed with neutrality, this question may bring a deep awareness. A seed has been sowed. And it will be watered each time the thought comes back. It is a new dynamic to install, as for instance, to suggest to someone to make the list of his qualities. That generates a new personal authorization and a permission to self-validation.

It’s also possible to go deeper by illustrating the emotional process, by presenting each emotion  as a  little personage living inside and asking him to express himself. Maintain a dialog with your inner personages and listen to their demands. Stay welcoming and  non judgmental because the simple fact to be listened to may allow the release of the repressed emotion. Here, the definition of the words is really pertinent:  it’s about to EXpress what has been IMprinted.

It might be difficult also to explain the process of multi-dimensionality since it goes beyond the linear way of thinking. It’s about integrating that everything in us is connected, to begin with the body, the thoughts and the emotions. Each part of us influences the others. It is important to keep  those three plans in good health in order to experience material well-being. Some persons are surprised to feel certain emotions which apparently have no connection with their daily life. Actually they are a sort of « bruise » of the past. They have been hurt or have encountered some difficult circumstances and have been injured. Those « bruises » are still present because they have not been cared properly and efficiently at the being’s level. For instance, if you eat in order to stop feeling the inner void, the sensation of fullness won’t last long because you fill your physical body and not your emotional body. If you smoke in order to stop feeling the sadness, you just create an artificial fog which eventually disappears, what then brings you back to yourself. The best posture is to decide courageously, when you feel ready, to face what’s inside you in order to go through once more and dissolve it definitively with the light of consciousness. It is not a struggle , it is an act of Self love. There are also some « soul bruises » when you felt injured at the level of your integrity It is an energetic injury, deeper than an emotional shock but it can be healed with the same process, that needs to be repeated often until the dissolution is really felt.

Here is a simple process which may bring release and peace if it is realized with mindfulness and vibrational intentionality :
1- I’m welcoming and accepting that emotion in me (for instance « I’m welcoming and accepting my sadness »)
2-I forgive myself  and forgive (if others persons are concerned) that emotion (« I let go my sadness, I let it go away and I stop nourishing it, i’m exiting the conflict posture to come back into  the unity »)
3- I’m choosing a validating emotion which elevates me (« i choose joy and lightness »)
Make the choice to face your inner worlds and the benefits of it will go far beyond the simple physical well-being,  they will help you reach the real liberation of the being, who will acknowledge himself and  be able to maintain an intimate relationship with himself.

Discernment , a quality of the Spirit

The spiritual journey is an inner experience based on sensations. It is not about having great intellectual knowledge but about feeling connected to Life, feeling loved and protected. Since those are invisible plans we need to cultivate discernment all along our journey in order to sort out what is good for us and what we may let aside. Indeed we are all unique with different levels of awareness. What suits the one won’t necessarily be appropriate to the other. That is why I’m writing this article in order to examine that important notion of discernment.

Discernment is the ability to perceive, to identify what is accurate. It is knowing how to differentiate, to show perspicacity in order to make a sure judgment while keeping one’s inner integrity. It  is to be used at the very beginning of the spiritual awakening and especially at that moment. Because, when we are listening  to the call of our soul we feel an inner urge to open to a new world, which often seems magical, what is quite normal since it is our soul being active :-).

We begin then to encounter invisible plans and to have inner feelings, which can’t be neither touched or be explained intellectually. We become eager to receive the messages of our soul but in this process  we may doubt our intuition or believe we are unable to make the connection directly. It is exactly the same with our inner divinity : to know mentally that we are emanations of the Source, that God/Godess is within us is one thing, yet to connect directly with our Sacred Presence is another step to take.

We may feel, as a child, fill with wonder in front of this progression because our heart feels it is coming back home. And it is natural to wish to be guided in this journey by persons who appears to be more « advanced » than us. At that point I warn every seeker of truth, because what we firstly want is  to find Our Truth, the one appropriate to us. Since we all have different personalities,  different vibrational levels, different understandings of Life, what is actually correct because Life gets only the meaning we give it. Of course we have affinities which the people who resonate with us. Yet it is important to stay focus on the message and not on the messenger in order to keep one’s own power. I know it thru my own experience when people call me and are completely overwhelmed because of some things they have been told, some messages or some peculiar behavior of their healer, psychic or spiritual guide…Do choose as guide a person who teaches you thru her example, who acts according to what she says and whose personal life is in coherence with her message, a being who helps you to become autonomous, to ask the right questions and to find your own answers. Be aware that clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, telepathy …. are just abilities. That doesn’t make someone superior. The real spirituality means to be connected with Spirit, and Spirit is God, is Universal Love. Thus to declare one’self spiritual means to experience Love, for oneself and for the others, simply to cultivate peace and loving kindness.

Use your discernment to verify that every outer affirmation resonates with your inner truth. Use the messages of your emotions  and of your body ; when you feel a contraction, it means you are experiencing a contradiction between what you hear and what your consciousness is telling you. When you feel  an opening, a dilatation some joy in your heart, it is your Presence approving. Therefore find your own pace on your way back to your Divinity, do not feel guilty if you don’t speak every day to your angels or guides. They don’t live in a linear time, for them there is no separation and their welcoming, their disponibility are always available, because they are delighted to enrich your life and help you elevate yourself. You may relax, enjoy the journey, feel proud to thrive and expand thanks to your own loving kindness  and  your own discernment, by simply choosing to love everything in your Life.

Knowing how to enjoy the present moment

After speaking about discernment i wish today to come back on another significant concept for an appropriate inner positioning : staying in the present moment. It is about to know how to relax  and  to live with the certainty that Life (always Her :-)) takes care of us at every moment.
Let go of the past without worrying about what is to come. In those new times, well-being asks for new inner behaviors we need to be aware of and to install in our daily life : staying in the present moment. We all acknowledge that we are conditioned, often at different levels, family, educational, social, religious…We are used to function routinely and we don’t always have the attentiveness required for questioning our ways of talking and acting. Thus we can’t change our live unless we adopt new ideas and new ways of doing.
And the first attitude to adopt is to trust Life and to trust oneSelf, so that we experiment a maximum of inner relaxation which allows us to receive the best and be attentive to every opportunity of growing. Life goes far beyond human codes. It is the divine Love energy, constantly in motion. We come from IT and IT recognizes everyone, each of us. IT loves us and wish the best for us. Maybe you know that intellectually, because of all the texts you’re reading or you’re listening to, But do you really experiment it ?
Can you freely surrender to the kindness of Love ?
Or are you on the alert looking for a kind of  secure control in case it’s needed ?
Are you integrating that Life, That divine Source in your vision of the world ?
Indeed when you think that society or the others are against you, that they don’t understand you,  are you not doing the same with the Divine ?
Be honest in your answers in order to be able to clarify and rectify your inner attitudes.
Furthermore, to trust in oneSelf, in one’s own talents, is also very important. We all are unique beings and we came in this world to express and realize our highest capabilities.
That requires Self-esteem and personal appreciation.
Are you aware of your qualities ?
Do you spend time to admire yourself, to be proud of yourself,  to honour yourself ?
The appropriate positioning requires the « I Am » and the implication that we are investing in our life and in the present moment : we are not our past, it is gone, and future doesn’t exist, it has not yet occurred. Thus well-being can only come from the certainty about our value and the kindness of Life.

Past…………………………………………………..I AM …………………………………………….. Future

Fill in between the gaps, define who you are within the acknowledgment of your own value.  And be aware that this value doesn’t depend on what the others say or think about you, but only on what you think yourself about you. Life exists only in the Present. You commit positively to your life to come and become only when you succeed in living quietly and peacefully, with the certainty that you are a good person,  that Life is acknowledging you, is supporting you and loving you boundlessly just as you are.

A solid anchoring to Earth

In a previous mail i was talking about the importance of the present moment. This can be reinforced thru a solid anchorage to Earth, which will reinforce the feeling of Presence. Indeed during our incarnation, planet Earth is our home, even though we know deep within it’s only a passage, a stop-over during our multidimensional journey as Divine Being.
Our planet is a living Being, a spiritual consciousness. She knows all of us personally  and i invite you to see Her as a kind and caring Mother, living with mindfulness and rejoicing in each being living on her body. She supports us all the time, she brings us abundance and gives us her warmth and vitality.  She invites us, thru the expression of her wholeness, to accept and receive within us Her Presence, that she offers us unconditionally and with no return.

Understand that it works differently than with human relationships such as between parents and children since it is based on fulfillment, satisfaction, and  an unconditional acceptance of the being. To anchor to Earth, to make a daily ritual of it, allows us to improve our letting go,  to stop fighting against our incarnation. It brings us also focus and alignment,  and gives us a better perception of the mother/child relationship. It is a real asset for the daily creation of our life. To identify as a child of Earth doesn’t mean we are no adult, in the contrary, we’ve got the possibility  to choose and create our life in total autonomy, it is simply being able to feel that we’ve got a caring parent, always protecting and supporting us in all our realizations.  This parent is here for us each day, each hour, each minute. Let’s experience this reality in our heart in order to feel secure because we are safe in the arms of our Mother-Earth embracing us tenderly.

To experiment this relationship, set yourself in a state of relaxation and receptivity and imagine deep roots of Light growing under your feet until deep down in the Earth. Then imagine all the mindfulness and the caring of Gaia coming up thru those roots, passing thru your feet and climbing up to the top of your body. The meaning of this exercise is to simply receive, there is nothing to look for, just being receptive and letting yourself being nourished.
To anchor to Earth is also to feel we are connected with all Life on this planet : the crystal, the vegetal, the animal, the elemental and the human being. We all belong to this Whole,  we are all connected to each others, from Presence to Presence. It is impossible to feel loneliness in this connectedness. And the more we are anchored the more we are able to materialize our goals and desires.

Do find the time, for the love and sake of yourself, to connect each day with our Mother Earth  and to simply accept to be loved. Have a nice day !

When Life flows from Source

I invite you to integrate and benefit this message from Father/Mother i received some times ago yet very actual for the present moment:-). It’s also a good opportunity to remind you there is no hazard just synchronicity. Let yourself being carried by Life.
« Dear children of the Earth, I came to teach you how to set down and cultivate serenity, the inner peace. Do understand that you choose a life full of challenges. Yes I do speak of challenges, not with the meaning of trials but of engagement. For sure  many of you have improved lately but I still feel in you a lot of questions and doubts.  You wonder why you still live in that violence while you’re are so eager to cultivate Peace.The real Peace is the tranquility of the Being who experiences the certainty that everything is ok. You may confuse this inner experience with the outer circumstances.

The masters along your path, who ascended before you, have indeed cultivated this absolute certainty coming out the strength of Love : Life chooses you, Life loves you and they have worked passionately for this process of acknowledgement and validation.
Now I’m asking you : are you living each day like this, are you choosing to vibrationally connect to Me, the Universal Consciousness, or do you let yourself be trapped with the outer activity?
Remember that you came into this world to realize mastership. And that means to direct your vibration in full consciousness with an inspired creativity which makes you feel connected to Life. Allow Joy, which is a higher state of the Being, to direct your life. Feel « worthy » of your incarnation, allow yourself to feel good, to entertain the highest vision of yourself in order to stay within your creative power.

I offered you all that because I wish and I rejoice in that each of my children feels happy and free. What the other decides belongs to him, you just can send the best knowing that when the soul is ready it will then join up the group of awakeners. Don’t try to project what should be good for the other, stay focus on the realization of your mastership, being deeply connected to the Spirit and the Universal Wisdom. In this quest for perfection, you’ve been offered a multitude of tools, passed by courageous souls who dare to affirm their divine connection. Choose those who are best fit for you, who make you vibrate and be involved in this process. Know how to be in the same time light and deep because Life is also amusing.

Life seeks only to thrive, to expand within a wave of Joy, Faith and Hope. Surf on that wave, surrender to that movement that takes you always higher. Life is so simple, so joyful ! When you embrace it choosing for your own well-being , it flows luminously within you, thru you, to let you feel that you’ve always been connected,  that I have always been there for you, even when you were looking somewhere else.
Celebrate the Love in yourself, children of the Earth, so that you no more go thru the doubts and fears that poisoned the soul. Join up in your hearts with the great fraternity of Light and rejoice in this return to Unity.

The golden Wisdom

I channeled this message from Master Lanto during the last workshop of “Towards Ascension”.
I invite you to meditate with the golden flame of the Illumination, which is under the aegis
of this ascensioned master, so that the wisdom of this text will instill in you :

“Let the gold of the divine love and wisdom instill in you.
Do not resist the new sensations, trust the Spirit and accept to surrender to its mercy. We understand that you are not used to such tenderness and caring kindness in your dimension, but  the aim is precisely to change of dimension and that is supposed to happen firstly within yourself. Breath in the instilled love and accept to relax , to de-stress your inner tensions in order to access  a new reality. Now i’m going to reveal to you something you maybe are not enough aware of : The basis of wisdom is simplicity. It is not complicated to enter the kingdom of heaven,  even though it seems to be difficult for you since you’ve lost yourself in the complexity of constantly searching for explanations, trying to set Spirit into boxes, into frames. Which of course is impossible. Bring simplicity in all the aspects of your life, let go the upheaval of questions and let yourself be guided into the world of answers, let yourself be carried along by the golden Light.     (pause)
It comes to you to inspire you, to support you. Let yourself go with the flow in an etherical dimension, a dimension where consciousness is pure. Feel how the vibration of wisdom let you travel into inner universes that you didn’t even imagine but that are an intrinsic part of you. Rejoin them now so that they may appear again into your reality. Experience it as a caring embrace of the Spirit. Which comes to fill the void,  to elevate your vibration, to light up your consciousness. This journey takes you to your reunification. Celebrate the fact that you are again a whole being, who stops believing he is separated, deserted or even rejected. All of that doesn’t exist in the world of Spirit, in that etherical vibration. Where there is only consciousness, peace, joy and love.
And now I ask you: in which dimension, in which world do you choose to live ? Do you understand how important your commitment is ? There is no place for doubt in this dimension. Dare to pass that portal of Spirit in order to get your wholeness back, your aliveness in the realm of the Divine Spirit.
I leave you for a while so that you may enjoy that radiance of the Wisdom. Accept that it will penetrate until the deepest and darkest parts of your being to restore your inner Light… (pause).
I keep guiding you in your daily life, watching over you so that you stay on your path. Call upon me when you feel you’re getting lost, contact me at night to progress a little more in the understanding of the different aspects of  the divine wisdom.  I bless you and consider you as my brothers and sisters”

In this work of returning to the Self, of transmuting conditionings to vibrate in higher dimensions, we are advised to cease identifying with our human experiences to come back into our cosmic identity far more wide. That will help us expand our consciousness so that we will feel connected to the Whole and will help to express in our daily life the “I Am” (the Divine Presence).

A new point of view

Most of the time we live our life from our own point of view…
How many times, in one day, do we think with the point of view of the other, do we consider the events according to his own perception? And even when we evaluate our days  we may wonder whether we could have act differently, whether we could have said this or that…Then following those suppositions we could have changed the situation (all those what if !). Actually we are used to consider things after certain perspectives (what explains our conditionings), according to a certain way of thinking. Rarely do we see the big picture, the global view. This gives us an indication of how much we are open (or closed) to Life.
Maybe it would be wiser to consider more inner peace, more receptivity that may allow a wider opening for the new situations, that may transform our perceptions and understandings. To practice that kind of positioning, meaning to look at the other or ay any situation with an open attitude, suppose then to give up any expectation of result and to have no demands. It’s not easy because we often have a lot of inner claims due to our own lack of self acceptance. Think about it for a while… If you knew how to value yourself, your talents, your qualities you wouldn’t need to look for an outer confirmation, you wouldn’t need to play a role in order to please or not to displease. You would be sure of your own value.
That’s why it might be better to let go of our own point of view. I don’t mean here being neutral, without any value rather being detached of the need to convince the other, of justification. And what if we were extending this way of thinking to our relationship with our Divine Presence ? Have we established a real dialog with Her? Have we ever wondered how, from Her own point of view, She was perceiving us, what She thought of our attitudes, our behaviors ? The answer, here, is not intellectual, it is not in the mind .

And now  I invite you to close your eyes, to become silent in order to reach that state of receptivity and opening and then to focus on your heart looking for the Presence. Let Her make you feel Her own point of view, about yourself… Open up so that you may feel how She sees you.  Breath in… Breath out… Listen…
Can you see any conditioning, any judgment, any doubt about you ? No.
Our Divine Presence is in a state of total receptivity for us. She shows no reserve at all, she welcomes us unconditionally without any judgment and with an uttermost appreciation. She shares with us only happiness, joy, acceptance.. She asks no justification because She knows perfectly our value, our sumptuousness. She is just Love, Gratitude for us. As we experience that connection, do we consider ourselves equally able to appreciate that total freedom without any reserve and also to surrender to our own Life, cherishing and honoring ourselves because we respect and acknowledge our true nature, a Divine Spark traveling into this world ?
Have a luminous day !

Reconnecting with one’s intuition

We all have an inner guidance system that allows us to set up the appropriate intentions. It is that little voice that gently whispers how to be in harmony with our highest life’s desires. In order to hear it, firstly the mind needs being quieted since it can’t only be perceived in the silence,  in the inner peace. But the most important  is to validate that process, based on a vibration. The difficulty comes from the lack of Self Confidence and from the disconnection that occurred at the very beginning of life regarding that reality.
Indeed it’s relevant to notice that the human being has two ways of functioning: with behavioural language and with vibrational language, which are also called verbal and nonverbal language.  Authenticity occurs when both are coherent. For instance, you are tired, you say that you’re tired, you are joyous and you say you’re joyous. You are then coherent with your inner world. What asks some vigilance because when we live to much outside ourself we disconnect more easily from our vibration. It happens to everybody, many times each day: someone close to you asks you “how do you do” and without thinking you answer “fine”. It may seem common but how far do we go in that process ?
And that can occur very early, when our parents were showing us certain behaviors and we were catching something else. A child is very sensitive and perceives often unconsciously the vibratory language. But the adult is the one who is right and has the power in the relation. So then gradually the doubt sets in. Since a part of that vibration is unconscious and the parent is probably sincere but in denial, that makes no difference. The winner is still the vibratory language. And so perniciously goes our personal power away, being pushed outwards.
Understanding this process is the first step to be able to reverse it. Then be always faithful to yourself: choose for you. When you feel something, it means that is just appropriate for you. Be aware that there are as many inner worlds as people in this world,  because everybody sees Life thru one’s own filters and we are all unique.
To stay connected with your Intuition, choose for Peace, for feeling good with yourself before everything else. Let your sensibility be expressed, focus your attention on the present moment in order to find the right positioning and surrender to Life with a deep breathe, a deep relaxation: everything is ok, Life has your back and shows you at any moment how to stay on your path. To accept to be happy is often a permission to give to oneself thus listen to It. The more you are innerly receptive, thru a qualitative Silence, the more clearly you will hear It.
Keep on taking good care of you !

Daring to talk to your cells

Everything in Life is vibration and for the human being the emotions are one of the media allowing  to measure this life. When we think about it, we can for instance discipline our mind, even stop it thanks to some meditation practice, yet we can’t help vibrating, feeling, because it is the basis of all Life. The highest vibration is of course the one of Love, which then exists on numerous plans, aspects and directions in the Universe.
In the world of the form It expresses itself thru matter. How do you create your environment, the decoration of your Life? Do you like to surround yourself with nice things, pleasing your eyes or do you look with disinterest at what is around you ? Are you involved in your personal, professional space trying to give it a personal touch and therefore express your uniqueness ? We all came to experience the vibrational consciousness thru matter and this matter can become the reflection of our preferences, helping us to affirm Who We Are.
More deeply within, our body is also a reflection of our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs since we are born, it is also vibrational. Therefore it’s possible to interact with it in different ways, it’s a part of the practice of mastering the Self.
As consciousness, we are All-That-Is, even our cells and organs, and it’s possible to communicate with them because all is Life. When we have a physical ailment, when we are sick, it’s an expression of the consciousness holding a repressed emotional suffering. When we go within, when we allow ourself to have a conscious dialog with that part of ourself we can free the cause of this ill-being and recover our balance. Try to practice listening the different parts of your body, especially the ones manifesting: they have a message to deliver. Instead of focusing on the physical illness be open to welcome the hidden emotion in order to free it and heal it. When you go deeper in your practice, further than decrypting the different symptoms, when you simply breathe into your cells the highest vibration of Love, you can achieve regeneration. Remember that your body is also on your side, it is you medium to express matter and it supports you in your creations. As you can surround yourself with nice things, you can nourish your body with nice energies, and then your physical vehicle become the reflection of your inner beauty.
Here is an example of letter to your cells, i didn’t write it but i do like this text very much:
My dear cells,
I gather you together today to tell you
that from now on we are taking a new path.
Until now we were indulging in following a disastrous program.

It was about to stay loyal to the memory of our ancestors
taking over a little bit of their illnesses,
a little bit of their of suffering, a little bit of their limitations.

It would have seemed disgraceful to dare living without limits
and in absolute happiness while all these people,
thanks to whom we are alive now, had suffered
had sweated, experienced so much scarcity
before providing us with this precious good that is “life”.

From all our past lives
we brought back programs, memories
of guilt, limitation, handicap,
as for instance myopia
or some other heavier physical, psychological or even mental illnesses.

Not counting the entities who share our lives.
We sometimes walk a long way with them
before we succeed in getting rid of them
and we take over their negative functionings.

Not  forgetting the difficulties we bathed in
since our intra-uterine life:
the irremediable emotions that our mother
experienced before and during conception;
either concerning ourself directly
either concerning her relationships with others,
the more or less painful events
that nourish that period of her life.

And what to say about the sometimes disastrous way
we were treating our emotions in this life,
And all what we’ve  personally accumulated
such as  the anger, hate, anxiety, sadness, guilt and fear.

If i gather you together today, my dear cells,
it’s because i want to let you know that we are able to change those data.
We are going to launch an annulation program
for each previously mentioned items.

From now on
each cell is invested with the power to annulate
all the negatives program belonging to her
or to to the previous generations.

Also each cell has already received the positive information
opposite to the negative programs.
Each cell is asked to review the film kept in its memory,
to cancel the negative program
and to recreate a program with absolute health and full joy.


You can do it.
You just need to trust and recreate the basis program
you’ve got in your memory,
i tell you once more,  failure is impossible.

Each cell re-creates now a program of perfection and youth.
Each of you is going to return to the point
where there is no imprint of dysfunction and illness.

We go back there right now… that’s it.
We re-appropriate the message of perfection…that’s very good.
This blueprint is from now on the reality of each cell.
Each of you will start again with these new injunctions.

Either the work is already done or it is in progress
and will be realized and materialized in a couple of days,
weeks or months depending on the cells
that need some more integration time.

I thank you, my dear cells, for listening to me
and for the excellent work you’ve done
or are going to do in a short while.

How to understand submission

The human being is looking firstly for his liberty since it is the basis of the universal consciousness. The Life, the energy of Love let us free, she doesn’t force anything, demands nothing since She Is Unconditional. And because we are emanations of this Consciousness we are feeling it deeply and are looking for it. Meaning we are especially refractory to entrapment, to tight settings, to repetitions. Though, contradictorily, if we don’t show enough discipline and implication in our personal and spiritual development, nothing will happen. Indeed we can’t repeat each day the same behaviors and expect changing in our life. Quite logical. That’s why we need to organize our daily life with new actions, based on our new positioning and to stick to it.
We pride ourselves on our freedom of choice but it keeps us dependant because we always have to choose, to say yes or no to certain things. This behavior maintains duality, inside and outside, you and a power other than yours. But Life is One and separation is an illusion maintaining duality. Therefore it is wise to firstly choose to be at Peace, not trying to be right or wrong, since the times of the croisades are long over, there is nobody to convince or to fight for, it’s just about accepting to come back  into Unity and Love. And to succeed in it, the only choice we have is to let our Inner Source synchronize our life (and our agenda !). That is the principle of submission, not as a human value, but as following the divine plans. Thus it doesn’t mean to be the slave of an external power but to know how to set oneself under the guidance and protection of our Inner Divinity, our Presence “I Am” that is our perfection and eternity. This decision shows the highest wisdom because we understand that our divinity represents the higher version of ourself and that allows us to experience the highest possibilities in our life, our greatest achievement, and to carry out projects we can’t even imagine with our too much constricted  mind. It’s a question of trust, faith and surrendering. It is also the biggest decision of love that we can make (and hold on) for ourselves.
“ Thy will and not mine” is definitively not being subjected.
It is reaching for mastership, it is agreeing to come back to Unity..
It is to benefit from the protection, the guidance and the divine love that bring us home.

“Why do we worry so much about our future and so less about our eternity ? “ Jean-Yves Leloup

Let the light shine permanently in your heart, dear one!

The feminine masculine balance

Today I wish to talk about a principle, necessary to achieve if we want to return into  unity, and that is the reunification  of the masculine and the feminine within the Self.
Each person, regardless of gender, carries within the feminine/masculine principles. And in order to create a balanced life, those need to be in harmony. They are represented in the second chakra.
The feminine principle is the interiority, the center, the meditation, the creativity, the inspiration, the receiving… Expressing the feminine within the Self means to know how to settle down, to encounter our intuition in order to find out our own guidance, to make our own choices.
The people who favour the “doing” run away from this principle since they seek validation in outer acknowledgement. But this positioning is not accurate because the outer world, the environment can’t fill the void. The life is just one way: from the inside to the outside…
If you want to please everyone you first need to be in harmony with your Self. What implies to apply this rule: what you think of yourself is more important than what the others think of you. Each one measures and judges according to one’s own world, own sifts. Since we are unique and there are as much realities as people… how can we please everyone ? It’s impossible and rather tiring. We have to be the first ones to benefit from our attention and our qualitative listening, out of respect and love for ourself. Therefore we have to firstly focus on our Self so that we can welcome ourselves with loving care and be open to our own wishes and needs. And when we know how to be open to our Self, we do know then how to be open to others. So, since the feminine principle is the one of interiority, it implies that we first have to know how to receive. But what? The guidance of our Divine Consciousness within a sound connection to Heaven and Earth. Indeed we came as divine being to experiment matter, meaning we have to keep both feet on the ground and head in the sky. It is creating our Life from our own Essence, beyond the moral  and social codes that don’t take this reality in account. Being able to receive all that allows us to feel loved, supported and guided by Life. And when we feel loved, we then in our turn can love. It allows us to access fulfillment (fullness). Otherwise, we are only busy to compensate for our lack of love, our voids with external means, which will only numb us for a while and create long lasting insatisfaction.
To accept to receive, to feel loved, helps to develop a great sense of inner security, which allows us to progress with greater inner clarity and to move towards the expression of the masculine principle: the gift, the action, the creation, the outer world, work, money. Indeed, once we are in the fullness and the wholeness, we can offer our unique talents to the world, express them outwards. But we need a healthy vision of the masculine to be able to liberate them. If you keep within some resentments or fears (consciously or unconsciously) it will be difficult for you to be recognized for your talents. It can be even very frustrating because you do feel your talents, your treasures, but society is not validating them or  you don’t know how to benefit from them.
How to know whether those feminine/masculine principles are in harmony ? By examining the relation we keep in our psyche with our parents. They are indeed the first models of this reality and are the ones who have influenced us the most. For instance, if your parents got separated or if they were always arguing, it might be that unconsciously you’ve taken side for the one and condemned the other. Or if you couldn’t associate with them as a couple, sharing  a sound partnership, you might find it difficult to reunite both principles within you.
Also you can look at your life in order to find out how you feel yourself at your place, at home, and how is your relationship to money and to work. That would tell you what you need to adjust within yourself and how to heal your inner relationship with your mother and father. You may also work with a creative visualization, imagining the ideal couple for you, a woman and a man living in complementarity, each one on her/his own path and walking together in parallel, experiencing healthy  communication and expressing their personal truth, respecting each other…
This way, you will reunite within you the feminine/masculine and you will, from your inner guidance, be able to materialize your unique personality in this world.

Therefore, take the time each morning to focus on your heart in order to have an authentic encounter with your own Presence, loving your self and being soundly anchored to Earth and Heaven. This exercise won’t be long and there is no need for a ritual, just being fully conscious, being in your verticality so that you then can be active horizontally in the matter, with appropriateness and autonomy.

How we materialize our vibrations

Today  I wish to draw your attention to the importance of our inner state, the way we choose to feel, because it’s there that our real power is.
We often say that we are the creators of our own reality and even if, on our spiritual path, we are becoming more and more aware of it, what does really happen within us, at the moment of the materialization ?
We know we are mutlidimensional beings, meaning we are acting from several reality’s levels.  Some of these levels are more or less clearly percepted, as for instance the mental or emotional level. They are the one we access the most easily, and yet this asks to observe one’s life with honesty and to want to incarnate transparency, namely to admit what we are really thinking and feeling. What is a huge work in itSelf.
Then we’ve got the subconscious level, containing what is acquired but kept under the consciousness. These are the experiences of the past, which have been occulted but are still imprinted in us, developing beliefs, either constricting or fulfilling. We’ve got also our cellular memories, which are contained in our DNA and are holding our transgenerational ( the ancestral programmings) and our previous lives. Furthermore there is the supra-consciousness which belongs to the consciousness transcending the human realm. Here are the memories concerning the Spirit, the Divine level of the human, our journey since our departure from Source.
Thus, everything is included in ourself, on a clear, conscious or obscure and latent way, from where the saying “know thyself and you’ll know the Universe and the Gods”. The meaning of becoming conscious is to remember “who we really are”, to awaken to oneself. For sure it may be disturbing, even uncomfortable but it is a main asset because it allows to get out of the dream of humanity in order to live again thru Spirit and recover the freedom of the being becoming aware of himself. It is a liberation which precisely allows a creation of his existence at levels of superior lucidity.
So, we are on this path of awakening, each one at one’s own level of understanding and with one’s own pace. And what does happen at our level? Why are we materializing certain things we want and some others we don’t? Why sometimes our life appears to suddenly change dramatically without any obvious warning?
In order to explain this result, I’ll use some symbolic images. Imagine that our energetic structure is just like a big bag, with many pockets and compartments. Take now, for instance, a pocket where we’ve put the beliefs of our ancestors, a pocket with our own beliefs, build up from our previous lives, another pocket with spiritual ideals, and one with our personal points of view, another with judgment about ourselves… And each of these compartments, depending on what is inside, vibrate at a certain frequency. So, a person who is not on an awakening path will be influenced by, even subjected to, the most filled, most loaded pocket. It will become her own reality and she will keep on loading it. Though, as that is not expandable, comes a time where what is inside the pocket will come out, express itself out, that’s to say, becoming concrete and get  materialized.
Take an example: imagine a person coming from a family believing that life is demanding, that we constantly need to make efforts, never release our focus and she very often feels under pressure. In her work she has to put up with a demanding boss, she begins to wish, consciously or not, that it will stop. And one day, astonishingly, she stumbles on the pavement and breaks her ankle.  ……
Or this one, who experiences many frustrations and is angry because of the unfairness of life, filling unconsciously her bag of grievance, without expressing them out. What a surprise, one day, when she got a queasy stomach, how is it possible since she’s having such an healthy diet ? It is about the same in the relational or economic field, where we can be amazed because we don’t manifest in our life the right companion or the due abondance… Of course it’s the same with success, achievement, appreciation. That’s why we need not to get discouraged, when our efforts seem to be fruitless. Actually thanks to our questioning we are emptying certain pockets and filling up some others. Don’t doubt your commitment. Who knows, may be the abundance pocket will overflow tomorrow ? And which pocket have you been busy to fill up ? Where upon are you focusing your attention all day long ? In which inner films are you playing ? By what do you let yourself be influenced?
Nothing happened randomly, it’s only the result of what we’ve put in our vibratory bag. A successful and satisfying life asks to make choices and to set clear goals. Theses objectives need to be based on qualities of  the being, they need to have an inner vibration. You wish an harmonious life, without conflict, then practice within the peace, the serenity, visualize for instance, how you may feel looking at a peaceful lake. Be aware of your capabilities for harmonious communication, connect with your inner gentleness.
Don’t scatter, don’t choose too many objectives, be aware of what is the most important for you at the present moment, incorporate the right qualities and take the time to practice them thoroughly. You won’t have to stop your activities, just to live consciously with the adequate positioning of your being, who respects and asserts himself in an unique way.

Listening to our guides and to our consciousness

We can say that it’s one of the most asked question: “why don’t I hear the voice of my guides, why don’t I feel their presence ? “ Here are some keys which will allow you to remove the blocks to this connection. I remind you that everything is within you, thus if there is some goal you can’t achieve, it means there is something repressed within that prevents it.

1 To believe in it and to be willing : it might seem obvious but if you’re not absolutely certain that they exist and that they are close to you, completely at your disposal, nothing will happen. Thus it’s an act of belief, because they really  belong to our vibrational Inner Universe. Then, to be willing  means to commit to the process, not only  to dedicate yourself to it but above all to give it qualitative attention and availability. You can’t get something in your life if  you don’t firstly nourish it with your  affection. Wish with all your willingness to maintain this brotherly relationship.

2 Being aligned and solidly anchored: we are as Russian dolls, our bodies fit together. But the fact that we’ve, for instance, experienced trauma, emotional shocks, or refusing the incarnation, being angry, being  frightened, having an excessive mind… all that shift the body and the energy can’t flow properly. The right positioning is thus to cultivate Quietness, appreciation of Life, of all Life. If you are too much acting (always busy) to justify your value, if you don’t know how to rest in order to confront (facing) your inner Universe, you’ll shift forward. If you stay fixed in your fears and are not able to act, you’re moving  backward. When you refuse the incarnation, you shift upward…. Therefore to hear your guides, the voice of your “I AM” Presence, stay  in the present moment, be at peace ( it’s not an something to do, but a state of mind), check that you’re correctly and vertically  anchored ( from Earth to Heaven),  and then relax  and let it happened.

3- Acknowledge your best way to learn: we are  all different, we understand according to our personal perceptions. So you might be visual, then you learn by watching; if  you are an auditive, you integrate your lessons by listening and if you’re kinesthetic you registrate by doing and feeling.

Thus depending on your functioning, you’re going to see, hear or sense… It’s a bit schematic, but it’s a way to make you understand that visualizing not necessarily means seeing. Don’t get discouraged, the essential is your good willingness  and your inner availability.

4- Be aware of your own value: our Light brothers and sisters are on another level of consciousness which reflects much more the Love and the understanding of the Universal Laws. That’s why we need to know how to reach their vibratory level in order to perceive their loving presence. If you experience shame, unworthiness or frustration, you are not on the same “ wavelength” and thus you can’t meet them. You know, we are all children of  Source, naturally  good and innocent. We are all loved the same way, unconditionally. Come back into self appreciation, cultivate gratitude for your life so that you can vibrate the right note and align with the Light.

5- Know how to receive and to listen: There are two main difficulties to connecting: the lack of Earth anchoring, which provokes confusion and dispersion, and the fact to have shields, protection all around oneSelf, and both are blocking the perception of that contact. These protections were needed by  the being to protect him from the negative aspects of life: violence, lack of love, yet we can’t really select what we receive. When we lock up, we also repel the positive.
It’s the same with emotions, we can’t  want to only feel the good ones without knowing how to welcome sadness or anger. It’s about to know how to surrender to Life in order to integrate it in our vibration.  A quality such as relaxing and letting go allows that. Let go of your stiffness and rigidity, show inner flexibility and availability. Dare to receive the best. To measure your degree of allowing, just observe how you like to receive compliments or gifts.

Then, listening is only possible from an inner silence. If your head is too busy, it causes real interference to this subtle connection. And the mind can only become quiet when we are at peace with ourself and our life.
Therefore the right inner positioning is to live in love for oneSelf, with both feet on the ground and the head in the sky, and with the absolute certainty to be at our place, enveloped and rocked by the Universal Life.

Experience or consciousness

Walking on our personal and spiritual path, we became little by little certain that we all are divine consciousnesses having a human experience now on this planet. This assumption implies that we are not the experience, which is a false identity. But, do we really apply this certainty in our daily life?
For sure , in the course of time, we did build ourselves according to what we perceived from the outer world and we conditioned ourselves to believe, thru different roles, in what the others were expecting of us. Furthermore we had the examples of many playing most of the time the same role, and thus we get used to assign labels, norms and  social codes to our behaviors. For instance, if we are parents, we “have to” adopt such or such attitude with our own parents, we often choose unconsciously to stay “ the child”, whatever our age and in our professional world we still are someone else and so on and so forth… And thru those behaviors, we tend to reproduce what we learned from our experiences.
Above that come also our identifications to the past and our mind adores to bring them back  into our present as often as possible. Which is quite normal (“bad norm” after a French play of word) since it is its way to functionate. It reminds us that the love we receive (that we  try to receive) is conditional and that it depends on our capabilities to follow the  norms. Sure, mindful self-work allows us to release all that but the conditionings are so much imprinted and so numerous that it’s better to check regularly our positionings so that we can correct them and stay busy with deprogramming all of them. I also wish to mention now that we are not our past lives, they are  other experiences.
Another source of difficulty is the anxiety toward the future, when our mind (once again) keeps us in the uncertainty of tomorrow, which here is helped by our brave society (thanks to  the plurality of media) reminding  us how much tomorrow can be difficult, precarious: it can happen to any person that she loses her job, she encounters financial or health problems. Hopefully we’ve invented insurance companies ! Therefore we thesaurize, we have spare accounts, we pay contributions… Indeed and thank God, it’s so much better with the insurance companies. All that comes from our positioning based on the outer world and in reactivity to a possible danger. For many people, this way of being is convenient since they are used to behave that way and therefore  they find it so much easier like that. Actually it’s a false security, limited and external. There are other options. I’m not telling you to get rid of your insurance (:-)), i’m only suggesting you to try some new behaviors, based on an identification with consciousness, on  trusting and surrendering to your Essential Presence, your Inner Source. It’s a identification to the Being and not to the having or doing ( meaning we are neither acting or reacting).
Finally, here is the last difficulty we may encounter on our path of self-rediscovering: our own inner judge. How many times each day are we creating our own labels, coming from remarks of others, of our own suppositions, regrets, guilt. Here too a good cleaning up is needed and has to be done repeatedly. After all we do clean up our houses regularly, wash our laundry … It’s quite normal to do the same with our inner world, our different bodies, representing the home of our Soul and Divinity while we are incarnating. Therefore i invite you to be merciful with yourself and  to forgive yourself each time you catch yourself being busy to compare or depreciate you. For instance, you may call upon the violet flame of transmutation and forgiveness, asking from your sacred heart: “Dear violet flame, perfuse each of my cells with your marvellous energy in order to transmute my guilt, judgments, regrets … Thank you!”
After we have identified those unapropriate behaviors we can come back to the Essential (“Heaven -Essence “ after a French play of words ), to the identification to our divine consciousness, that is eternal and present within ourself at each moment, that we are able to contact only in the present moment thru inner focusing and alignment with this inner Love. The best effective way to innerly focus is to keep our attention on our heart, to breath consciously so that we get relaxed and to feel love for ourself. I do invite you to often talk with your Presence, to call upon her and to stay open in order to receive Her answers. Find your own words so that you can experience this intimate communication.

Dear Inner Source,
I surrender to your Presence,
please help me to remember Who-I-Am all day long,
support me when I’m doubting,
enhance my trust with Your Love,
I know that Your Light is overflowing  my heart is with Joy, peace and felicity.
Thank you, dear Presence for this eternal communion.
Thanks to you i do remember and declare:



The role of the multidimensional healer

While i was preparing the workshop i’m giving this week end in Nantes about becoming again one’s own healer, i felt like to share once more this article about the true function of the energetic healer, because i find it useful for learning the right positioning that enables the authentic healing, as much for oneself as for the others.

In my professional life i meet a lot of persons who wish to become helpers or already are  professional helpers. What brought me to write this article is this questioning, i’ve heard so many times, about not taking over the suffering of the other and not feeling overloaded or burned out by the practice. This article concerns also all sensitive and high sensitive persons who are easily affected by the behaviour of  people around them.

It’s important to be aware that we didn’t come to take care of the world of the other or to save anybody else. We came to fulfill ourselves and teach thru our example and we can apply this principle only by experiencing that Life flows from the inner to the outer. It’s a one way. When we feel like we are dependent on our environment, that the other is guilty (parent, spouse, society, government) we are taking the victim’s positioning and giving away our power to the outer. We may then feel less powerful than… or even completely powerless. Meaning we are in reaction and not in action (creating our Life). Of course we are all, more or less, easily influenced, especially when comparing, but the most important is to learn to keep one’s course while being true to oneself by choosing to stay in our own world and by giving ourselves the priority. When we succeed in integrating that we all are unique, that any comparison is futile, then we are able to make more judicious choices based on our personal acknowledgment.

This principle of Life flowing from the inner to the outer works also with healing: it’s not about to take something out of the other, it’s about to give something … It happens thru the vibrational transmission of  Information Light Codes.                                                                              Also the person called to be a helper often has experienced difficulties at the beginning of her life, has known suffering that enabled her to discover certain emotional and psychological states and to find out her own solution and how to heal.  Whatever the issue, its resolving  always follows this process:                                                                                                                                                                                    – i welcome and accept the events, the suffering and feelings attached to it ( = i’m becoming aware of)                                                                                                                                                                                    – i let go of the emotions, i release them (= i’m forgiving)                                                                                              – i choose a new behaviour (= i validate myself, i acknowledge my own value and i love myself)

This solving then goes to the receiver with the support of the Love’s energy emanating from the healer. Of course it’s possible to add some specific techniques and practices but it is first of all a vibrational transmission.

What happens when you try to take the suffering out of the other by taking it in you ?  You both are suffering and stay stuck with the problem. Because the healing is not at the same vibrational level than the suffering. Sure you might think: “i’m transmuting those negative energies within myself ”. It could be, but what is the purpose of it ? when the relief can only be temporary and it’s quite tiring. The other will (unconsciously) keep creating his suffering since the issue has not changed. Every healing goes thru a shift in consciousness, a new emotional awareness of one’s life.

This also implies to integrate in our Self that we all are multidimensional consciousnesses, either we feel it or not.  That’s why the true healer is the person who accepts, while deeply connected, to surrender to the Divine Source, to her Own Presence, to her divine lignage so that she lets Life, in Its different aspects, manifest Itself thru her toward the healing seeker.

This way, she connects herself to an unlimited vibratory space within which she becomes able, thanks to her receptivity capabilities, to transmit the appropriate healing code. This code is given to the receiver in the measure he can accept it (Life gives and forces nothing). It’s just like a little seed that comes in and grows when it’s time for it. When the person is ready to change and accepts the challenge, it can be very quick, even instantaneously. But we never know when it’s the right time for her to integrate and evolve and that’s why it’s important to practice equanimity, to let Life do Its work without interfering. To transmit healing energy is above all knowing how to stay humble and simple, how to let the process work thru the Divine and the Presence I AM of the healing seeker. It’s not about to want something, but only to serve as the mediator of Love and Light so that the best can occur.

Sometimes, even when you do understand the process, you may feel like  you’re “loading” the suffering of the other. How to avoid that? It’s about being fully in your inner space. How do you do that? By being in love with you… The quote “Love is my armour” is not only a theory.  When you are fully in your energetic space (in a multidimensional way), when you are completely with your own Presence, identifying with Light, you can’t be disturbed. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel anything, in the contrary, you may feel the sadness, the anger, the frustration, the angst of the other but you won’t take them, when you stay in the Light of consciousness, of compassion. When you do come into resonance with the emotional world of the other, it’s because something is not yet healed in you, there is still a reaction that invites you to become aware that there is still something to be taking care of in you.  Also it’s important to know that some suffering persons can be very powerful in their creation and that you need to be vigilant regarding their demands. They are so convinced that’s right for them to be angry, mistreated, rejected, abandoned, that they express out a huge vibratory power in order to get  you involved in their experience, asking you to be part of it. Here, it’s not about to be for or against the other, to judge, but simply to stay in peace, within the energy of the solution.

Finally, some persons are so conditioned or enmeshed within their suffering that it can be difficult  to perceive or transmit them a new vision of Life. In those situation it’s about to surrender, giving that resistance to the Divine (Father, Thou Will be done) by focusing on the opening of the heart because every suffering, every difficulty is the result of a lack of Love.

That’s why, when you’re healing, massaging, talking, listening … be fully  aware that you are here not for taking something away, taking off, unloading or taking over anything at all, but to give the Heaven-Essence, to transmit the Light of Life at the best of  your capabilities.

Dear Father Creator, Dear Mother Earth,

Dear Spirit, Presence I Am,

Dear divine surrounding, Angels, Archangels, Masters,

Thanks for assisting me in this healing given to ….(name of the person)

In the perfect measure of her capabilities to receive,

I’m grateful to you.

guérisseur divin



A new level in self adnowledgement

This article is a reminder about the importance of keeping an inner positioning.  Life begins with our Self, let’s learn to honour ourselves and treat ourselves with dignity.

Personal development occurs progressively, it’s about to return to our Self with kindliness, to learn how to communicate deeply and intimately with all levels of our being, from the most suffering till our Divinity.  It begins with Self-esteem, by rediscovering our own value and being aware of our importance. It’s the first validation that enables us to start a new friendship with our Self, for as you know it very well, we are our biggest enemy. Once we can let go of our claims toward the outer, we are ready to face up ourselves (to be confronted with ourselves).  Then the self-esteem enables us to return to Self-confidence, so that we feel strong again, knowing with certainty that we are a good person, a naturally kind and caring being doing his best  for his incarnation. This way, we can appropriately radiate, from our plexus (our inner sun) to the outer. We are then able to offer our gifts and qualities to the world while consolidating this personal friendship.  And then comes the move toward Self-Love, a new stage in this acknowledgment of our Beingness (being born again within a greater version of ourself). Have you ever thought of falling in love with yourself ? It could be a good thing since that can help you to understand what Un – conditional could mean. I remind you, this has nothing to do with gazing at your navel (self-centeredness), but is about to honour yourself and admire your inner Light. Admiration, also, is a misunderstood concept. It’s not losing discernment, it’s simply entering a empowering state of inner contemplation and satisfaction that connects us even more to our Heavenly Consciousness.

Being in Love with oneSelf means to realize and accept our own powerfulness, it’s being able to go beyond the fear of our own Light. Have you ever, indeed, been aware of your powerfulness ? Have you ever used it for your own happiness ? Have you noticed how some people can be so powerful in their suffering and unhappiness ? It’s the same but on the other side . Do you use your creating power for your own greatest good?.

Willing to reach this consciousness level of unconditional Love means we are ready to seriously engage into our Life. We can choose to acknowledge our self in a new dimension, beyond the five wounds of the being.

Thus, are you ready to emotionally choose for yourself by deciding to:

Never again abandon yourself  (leaving yourself in order to give your power away to someone else)

Never again reject yourself  (staying kind with yourself, even when you’re suffering)

Never again betray yourself  (always being loyal to yourself)

Never again lower yourself  (let go of shame and depreciation)

Never again being unfair with yourself  (vibrating the inner rightfulness) ?

Learn to observe yourself in your daily life in order to practice these principles that will automatically lead you to the liberation of your Being and to the reconnection with your Beingness.


See more articles on the page 2, with a new rubric, the Vibral Heartmail.

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