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Vibral heartmail

First one from Frédérique


I want to work, i need to have a job, i wish to use my talents and find an activity that suits me.

For more than a year now i’ve answered a couple of  job offers but haven’t got any success yet.

I know my qualities, my resources…I like to be with other people, to share, to participate, that’s precisely what animates me.

What’s going on exactly on an unconscious level?


 Hello Frédérique,

You raise one interesting issue, the gap between conscious and unconscious. With our will we think we do the best we can, we feel like our desires are quite clear. However the will is based on the mind while our unconscious patterns are loaded with emotions, they are more powerful than we could wish.It’s indeed thru introspection and acknowledgment of our personal story that we can get over it, if of course we can get out of our numbness and reconnect with our emotions.

You’re speaking of work and relationships. All of that is in connection with the vibration of the masculine. There is within us the masculine and the feminine sacred, and when both are healed and reunited, we can then become the real conscious creator of our life.

Thus, for your unconscious, when you’re are looking for to express yourself in a job or in relationships, it’s the relation to the father (with the eyes of the child) that prevails over.

That’s why I invite you to remember what were your feelings toward that parent. Did you feel recognized as much as you needed it, were you important in his eyes? Which kind of emotions have you experienced with this being, which kind of beliefs have you developed about your value and importance?

I invite you to go within your Sacred Heart and welcome this wound of the being, especially the child crying because of the lack of acknowledgment and the inner loneliness.

It’s indeed difficult to interact with others when you feel a deep loneliness. Take this little girl in your arms, comfort her and give the same comfort to the adult until you feel the inner reconciliation is occurring.

It also means to accept that the other is limited and unable to recognize us as we need it.

Now you’re an adult and you’ve got the power to change all of it by validating you with the gift of love to yourself. You can also use the free meditation called “Mirror meditation”.

Then I’ll advise you to use your creative imagination to change your inner patterns about being recognized by the other and the group. Imagine you are among a group of persons who came especially to see you, you’re under the fire of the spotlights. How do you feel in this situation? Do you feel comfortable or not? Can you feel how you’re welcomed and can you accept the loving care of the others for you? The more you practice this exercise, with a new awareness of your own value, the more you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

2: Sharing from Sébastiana

Thanks for your help, the path is creating itself… but ten years of loneliness without any masculine presence, it’s hard.

How to avoid projection in a relationship? How to see the other as he is and not as one wishes it to be?

I don’t see anything else than constantly returning back to oneself, yet it’s still difficult to get a companion … without losing oneself again. Thank you and also a blockade about a creative space.


Hello Sébastiana,

Building a couple is true inner work when we want to efficiently find the right positioning and create an authentic relationship. I’m going to give you my own recipe since it worked for me,  i’m living with the same companion for eight years now, in love, peace and stability.

This implies two steps:

  • Healing the sufferings and limited beliefs about the masculine

That has to do with your personal story. You know we all have our own inner patterns and that we are subjected to them until we accept to change our way of functioning and work things out in full awareness. The most important is to understand that there is nothing to judge, about yourself or the others, and that it’s the way you emotionally react to your education that is going to affect and influence you. It’s different for everybody since we are unique beings. You may have brothers and sisters and a total different story.

Thus it’s about to go into your inner worlds and check how you’ve perceived the masculine thru the unique model you’ve got, your father. You know that next to be your father, he is also a man with his own story. Which conclusions on the masculine have  you imprinted in you from his behaviour ? And how the couple of your parents has affected you?

I’ll give you an example: if your parents were arguing you might have felt fear or sadness. Your cells would register that couple means conflict and then peace is only to get in solitude.

Take the time to heal within yourself, in the world of the child, the wounds linked with the masculine and the couple.

At the time i decided to do that work, i choose to have no dates for a while. It took me a  year to really heal the deviant relationship to the father i had experienced .

  • The creative imagination in order to build a new couple

In concrete terms, make a list of twenty qualities you wish to find in a man and when you’ve got dates, check that  you do find back what you like.

With your imagination, visualize within yourself a light couple, a man and a woman who feel complementary, who respect each other, who experience true love, and that will trigger pleasant feelings in you together with a new model of couple that will stay in your inner world, telling your cells that it’s possible.

Another very important thing is to cultivate the certainty that there is a man wanting to meet you as much as you want to see him and that you can mutually enrich yourselves. Trust that it’s  going to happen and the how it will happen is the  task of the universe. For me it has been a very peculiar happening: i met my companion in a nightclub during a dance lesson.

Finally, to answer your question about not losing oneself  in the other and avoiding to project one’s own story, the only way is self love and checking that you are with the other because you want it and not because you need it. Above all else, you are in love with you and you are in love with the other, but you always choose for yourself first for your own respect and dignity. Listen to your heart, it always tells you the truth when you ask it, just find the courage to hear its answers.

Listening to your creativity is related to this. Do this work trusting yourself and be aware that healing the masculine/feminine within yourself  will start creativity up.

I wish you the best in your future dates, believe in yourself, trust Life and the rest will come.



3: sharing from Marie-Pierre


Thanks for this opportunity of sharing!

I’m in a phase of huge questioning about my life, especially my professional life.

I work for an organisation, helping young adults to find a social and professional integration. Now, the money providers are demanding to produce results, but only quantitative ones and not qualitative, what doesn’t  suits me at all. I’ve initiated a process to conventionally quit my job because my professional situation brings on too much sufferings.

Since a couple of years now i’m receiving songs, paintings, messages that help me to coach in a different way.

I would like to develop that but i feel like a block that hinders me to start.

What are your advices?

Thanks for your answer and i wish you plenty of “ future happy times”.

With gratitude and love,



Hello Marie-Pierre

First of all you’ve got to work in the present moment on your emotions. You’re too much “loaded” energetically speaking with the vibration of others, with worries and suffering perceptions. You know, life is mathematics, if all day long you emanate more negative emotions (sadness, worries, frustrations,) than good feelings, sure at the end of your day they’ll be “the winners”: tiredness, void, lack of motivation, demoralization…. It’s crucial to stay vigilant and be aware of your emotions in your daily life. It’s a mastership work.

My first advice is an exercise of energetic cleansing and ressourcement :

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a  few deep breath. Visualize deep light roots under your feet and send everything that blocks you, stress, worries towards the center of the earth, to a huge Light crystal that will transmute all of it. You’re not weighing down the Earth, since She is a divine consciousness with huge healing and transmuting energies (the fires of  Earth’s consciousness). Feel how progressively you’re becoming lighter and then go to your heart chakra. Feel its vibration, let it expand until it surrounds you completely and sense how you progressively get filled with your own presence of love.

Take all the time you want and do it as often as you need it, being aware that you’re not supposed to carry what belong to others but to take care of your inner space in order to radiate your light, your talents, your qualities and then to offer them to the world. Life is just one way, from the inside toward the outside.

You can also take some baths with at least half a kilo of grey salt to help un crystallize your tensions.

I also advise to regularly practice this free meditation: la méditation gratuite aux énergies cristallines de la Terre.

Then about the other way to succeed achievement, i wish to ask you this question: how do you value your  own talents, your channelings ? Do you acknowledge yourself in this new dimension that is much more abstract, subtle ? Do you give to that as much value as to your concrete actions ?

If you had a professional card, how would you describe yourself ? That is an issue of acknowledgment and validation. Also check your family commitments: regarding your education what is the material value of spirituality, healing, energetics ?

Finally it’s about to learn to allow yourself new possibilities and to dare being yourself. It  means working on your identity of  being and on your inner strengthening,  knowing that the most important is no more how the other sees you but your  joy of Being Self.

Have a good journey,



4 –   here is the sharing of  Sabine


I breathe, i focus on my center but the fear and even the panic keep prevailing. Sometimes i succeed, i get stronger and some other times the anxiety, the fear of not being able to breathe, to feel imprisoned is bigger, either in an elevator, or in a cloth with a stiff texture that fits too tight to my body (it’s then precisely when i feel like to breath even stronger and therefore i “feel” it; panic when i sit at the back of a 3 doors car… impossible when the front seat is pushed back. Sometimes i succeed to get in an elevator: i keep talking, i think to something else and then i’m very proud of myself. I keep trying and it can happen that i completely forget about it … but later on it comes back even harder. A previous life ?

I’ve tried sophrology, hypnosis …. I thought i was healed, but yesterday again !!

I accept that something has happened, i’ve wished to know but no more now . I just want to live the present moment. Thanks for reading me.


Hello Sabine,

Most of the time, the causes of claustrophobia lie in the foetal life, it has to do with the feelings you’ve experienced in your mother’s belly. Of course it may come from previous life  but we bring our memories in this life and it’s enough (except in some case of very heavy trauma) to work on the impressions of this life.

The true healing occurs when we heal the cause of the suffering. In this case, it’s about the relation to the mother and the first emotional experiences in the foetal life.

With full awareness ask yourself these questions : are you a wanted child? how did your mother experienced her pregnancy ? Then when you look at her as a woman : was she a blooming person, was she stressed, tensed ? All that has influences on you.

Personally, when I connect to your vibration, I can sense some things that have to do with the feminine transgenerational,  some ancestors in your  motherly lignage who carry heavy sufferings. You do know that belonging to a family doesn’t mean taking over its sufferings or behaviours. You’ve got the right to exist for yourself beyond the family influences. You’ve inherited (unconsciously) some heavy fears and pressures relative to the way children are considered. To free yourself from that you may use my free meditation on the transgenerational.

Then the most efficient way is to heal the baby in its foetal life. It’s the same exercise as with the inner child: you imagine yourself as an adult, fully relaxed, facing the baby during the pregnancy. If you’re not used with this kind of practice, I strongly advise you to find a therapeut specialized in this. In this exercise you act as an adult helping the child feel it has the right to take its place and that there is no danger nor pressure in this incarnation. You change its reality in order to reprogram you.

What increase your anxieties  also, is a bad anchoring to Earth, but you need to know that this one is conditioned by  the relation to the mother. Thus by solving this problem, a lot of others things will get healed in yourself. Practice regularly anchoring to Earth exercises and experience in full awareness if you really accept your incarnation.

Finally, in your daily life, you may use some Bach Flowers Remedies that affect directly the emotions and have no counter indication. For the panic fears I recommend “Rock Rose” and   “Aspen” for the anxieties (2 drops in water, 5 times perday)



5 : question of Ghislaine


Hello Sophie,

I wish to reconnect with my divine part in order to go further on with my life that is blocked since a very long time and  also i wish to no more be afraid of tomorrow.

Thanks to you my dear Sophie and have a nice day.  


Hello Ghislaine,

In order to “unblock” one’s life, the first connection to make is with one’s emotions. The fact that it’s frozen is an indicator of anesthesia because life is first of all energetic, vibrational and based on emotions and feelings. To start moving again requires  to get reconciled with one’s emotional body. Indeed the anesthesia we set up to stop feeling how much we suffer or have suffered help us to stay in survival, but that’s not life.  And being alive actually  means  listening to our desires, our creativity and let our soul vibrate.

I advise you to turn back to yourself. Look back at your life and try to find out at which moment you’ve set up this protection process. Send plenty of love to the situation and don’t judge yourself because you did the best you could with the consciousness you had at that time. Get reconciled with your story, let your well-being be your priority and not the behaviour of the other.

The next step consists in learning to trust yourself, by becoming aware that you’ve got all the talents and capabilities within yourself that enable you to face and create your own life. This will send a relaxing message to your cells and also some relief.

Then you enhance this liberation by also trusting Life, by surrendering to Its loving care. It is cultivating the certainty that you’re a marvellous person who deserves to receive the best.

Once you’ve achieved that step you can start to serenely commit yourself into an authentic love for you  and Life because it is precisely what means reconnecting with one’s divine part, it is entertaining a love relationship with All that Is, it is to let oneself be loved and to live from the “I AM” presence. To help you find the right positioning I invite you to listen to the following mp3 : ma conférence « la Présence Dans le Silence ».



6 : here is the sharing from Evelyne


Hello Sophie and  hello each of you,

I’m following all your online workshops. I’m trying to practice what you’re teaching. Despite my efforts i’m still in an hellish financial situation. Things don’t change and i  continually stress out and worry. Very often i use the violet flame and the violet ray. I’m trying to experience joy but it’s rather difficult when money is running out and that you get flustered. It gives me anxieties. I live from a small pension and i’ve got an auto imune disease. I talk to my cells, sending them the violet flame. I’m getting sad and joyless. That’s it. Thanks Sophie and lots of love. Evelyne.


Hello Evelyne,

It’s an important issue that you’re approaching here and it concerns a lot of persons. Even though we theoretically know the abundance principles, it’s not easy to put them in practice because of our conditionings and education. Already when we look at the collective unconscious we see a lot of  beliefs linked with restriction, injustice and the so called conditions of financial wealth. It’s essential to start to get rid of them by going within and check what are our personal beliefs about money and how we emotionally relate to it.  

As you describe it in your message, worryness and anxiety are most of the time more important than the feeling of security. Yet we do create our live from our vibration. The more we nourish our voids the bigger they get. This principle applies to all aspects of life.

It is by changing our inner positioning that we can transform our reality. Therefore  trust, self-acknowledgment and self-worthiness need to be stronger than anxieties. It’s about intensity,  what is the most nourished always gets the most manifested.

That’s a huge subject and i’ll personalize it to your case and to the work you’ve got to do to transform the situation. And I know for sure that many other persons will recognize them in this journey.

The first step is to go toward a new kind of wholeness. Are you experiencing self acknowledgment ? Are you proud to be who you are ? And then about your actions, do you know how to nourish self satisfaction? Begin with trying to set this up in order to transform absence into presence, void into fullness: “I’m a wonderful woman, I’m happy to be who I am”.

Make that resonate within you.

Then, do you know how to receive ? to let yourself be loved ? Because the root of the word “abundance” is “abandon”. It’s first of all an act of receiving and our education is teaching us the opposite. It’s about to receive before giving, to learn how to receive the Presence,  the Life in Oneself by practicing simple exercises such as the anchorage to earth and heaven.

Practice visualizing yourself in the arms of a loving parent, letting you be cradled. Your cells will tell you right away if you do agree with that.

Finally you’ve got to consider another fact: the guilt. We all are, more or less, subjected to it, and the guilty one doesn’t deserve  to feel happy or get the best, in the contrary, guilt implies debt, because we must pay for our faults. Take all the time you need to find back your innocence and once again it’s about the certainty of being a good person. You can use there the violet flame to forgive yourself and forgive the other.

And the sacred flame corresponding to abundance is the green flame of healing, under the aegis of Master Hilarion. Call upon Him, ask the angels of the green flame to help you, meditate with the green flame in order to be taught about the true principles of abundance.

To finish with this chapter, I gave a lecture and created a meditation to help integrate this principle, free on line:

Don’t get discouraged and remember that the essential is not what happens in the outside but how you nourish your vibration.



7: here is Marie’s sharing



The fact is that, about a year ago, i definitively broke up with my ex who is a perverse narcissist. I’ve just seen him on FB showing up with his new prey. What is actually quite “normal” but when i see how he looks, i experience it as an ultimate provocation. (He was always wearing very dark black glasses). I’ve not got myself a FB account but some unhealthy curiosity made me have a look at his public page. To show up that way means he is no longer credible to his unofficial preys.

I feel overwhelmed because i’ve never received that kind of regard and especially i’ve never been worth to be publically seen on his FB account. Of course it’s no more my problem now, but knowing that nothing happens by chance, i understand i still have some issues to sort out.

Receiving your advice here over would help me on my journey.

Thank you in advance.


Hello Marie,

Manipulation in relationship is a vast subject with different levels.

To begin with, you can feel proud of yourself for having left this toxic relation, which is not easy since it reflects an emotional dependency. We attract unconsciously (of course it’s not what we want) this kind of situation when we have not be taught to exist thru ourselves and for ourselves. We are then in a great void full of  vibrational absence that of course is filled by the other. As our inner child is still looking for its parent, we are subjected to this outer authority that can have total power over us. Often this emotional absence goes together with a lack of self esteem and self confidence, that make us feel as less important than the others, and also goes together with guilt (quite often the guilt of the unwanted child that keeps excusing itself for being here and ignores itself to let the other being first in order to find its place).

Firstly, the best thing to do for yourself, if you haven’t done it yet, is to change the perception you have of yourself by feeling what a precious being you are. Also give yourself the permission to exist for yourself, make your own choices and honour them. You are a unique being, you need not to compare yourself to anyone else since nobody is like you.

In this kind of relation, the other also has been put on a pedestal, and it’s about to give him back his right place, the one of a limited human being.

The fact that you feel overwhelmed and has that behaviour shows that there is still some attachment to this man. Welcome this demand, don’t suppress it, but choose to transform it. I can sense there is a mourning to accomplish, there is a need for acknowledgement that is not based on love but on personal worthiness. Let go of all expectations, they won’t happen, and the most important is, not what happens in the life of that man, but what you are deciding for you right now, the love commitment for yourself that you now are ready to achieve.

In order to achieve a lasting healing and to avoid repetition of this kind of situation, compare what you experienced in this couple with the education and the suffering you’ve experienced when you felt unworthy and unacknowledged in your personal value (as a child). By healing the cause you’ll cease to be subjected to this process and you’ll progressively learn to let yourself be first without giving your decision power away to the other, by choosing to respect  yourself.



8: here is what Patricia tells us


I wish to share my life, lastingly, with a man of heart… Today I feel better with my life and I would appreciate some advice to find the man of the end of my life. I begun registering on dating sites … adjusting my thoughts … and also my intentions.  Thanks a lot,



Hello Patricia,

As you know it, we attract our life experiences from our inner vibration, filled with our beliefs, our emotions. The clearer our intention and our goal are, the more flowing is the result.

Thus, concerning your desire to share your life with a man, start with defining what you’re expecting from him, in his life’s philosophy, his behaviours, his engagement. Listen to your inner truth so that you won’t fool yourself when you meet them and stay clear about what you want in regard to what the other offers.

The right positioning is to be with the other by desire and not by need, otherwise it leads to emotional dependency. Be in love with yourself and then you will be able to be in love with the other in the appropriate way.

Be convinced that the suitable man for you is seeking for you with the same intensity and that you’ll be able to enrich his life as well as he’ll be able to enrich yours.

Use your creative imagination to visualize this relationship, the way  you feel in the daily encounters, nurture in your visualization the feelings of joy, peace, trust. The more the situation is alive in you, the more rapidly it can occur in your material reality.

Finally, I’ll give you two suggestions concerning the importance of staying vigilant :

  • listen carefully to your feelings in order to stay in sync with your inner truth, avoiding to give your power away to the other and keeping your self respect.
  • practice some introspection in order to check in your personal story  whether you are in peace with your past, with your previous experiences of being in couple, your own beliefs about men and also the kind of model your parents have offered you. That will help you to not project your personal story on the new relationship.

I wish you the best and i invite the readers of this article to share in the comments below their own experience in order to enrich this exchange and to encourage Patricia.



n° 9 with Lilou’s message

Hello Sophie,   

First of all I want to thank you for all what you do for us, it’s so gigantic and powerful ! Thanks a lot !

For the moment i’m in a phase of my life where i’m wondering how to respond more accurately to who i  am. I do have a job, as youth worker, but it didn’t fit with my actual values. How do we quit a job in order to find self realization? And how to lead a decent life ?

I thank you from the bottom of my heart,   Lilou


Hello Lilou,

The best, when we are trying to change our professional life, is to do it progressively, step by step. First we need to define clear goals based on a right positioning. Which consists in listening to “who you are”, to follow your intuition, to validate not only your competence or technical skills but also your interpersonal skills. You’re talking about values, what are yours ? Who do you wish to be in your professional world ? In which way do you want to enrich this world ? It might seem simple but in this way of journeying we need to have the courage to listen to ourselves, to validate ourselves and to get free from all the moral and social codes that have nourished our mind. Is it ok if i do that ? Am I not too old to think of self realization now ?. etc… All those  limiting beliefs that keep us subjected to external power. It’s with introspection and meditation that you can find answers and also by following your heart (what makes your soul vibrate).

Once these goals are clear, you need to take action in order to find the job that suit your wishes and talents. Why not also trying to follow some training courses or meet some professionals whose experience and expertise might inspire you ?

Life is based on balance, meaning that we need, in a material society, to associate inner guidance with pragmatic beingness. Thus you’re not going to quit your job overnight but you’ll consider it with respect, see it as a job that pays the bills and keeps you secure until you find the new one. And then when you feel more assertive you may try it part time and progressively begin with a new activity. Do not overlook the material security, otherwise you might experience inner anxiety and that will ruin all your efforts trying to change of life.

The key to succeed in this shift is to acknowledge yourself in your talents and resources, to be proud of you and of your unique personality, to nurture enough inner peace so that you do trust Life. When you know how to let go and expect to receive the best, you can then enter the space of synchronicities and  all possibilities, also you enable the greatest part of your being

( the Light and  the Love) to guide you in your choices in order to achieve your highest realisation.

Dare to live radiantly, I wish you a marvellous evolution and professional realization.


n° 10 with Claudine’s message


Hello Sophie,

First of all thank you for all what you regularly offer us . I follow you on the LGC with Stéphane.

I don’t know whether what i’m experiencing now fits with what you propose, but we’ll see…

For 3months now, i’m experiencing heavy anxiety attacks and i really don’t understand why they occur. I had learned to live with it, I practice a lot of EFT, mindfulness meditation, nidra yoga, chakras  harmonizing, heart coherence exercises, i’m trying to raise my vibrations, i’ve seen an homeopath who also treats me with acupuncture.

All that only brings  momentary release, what’s quite helpful, but since the anxieties keep occurring i begin to seriously get depressed. I’m hypersensitive, i’ve got no emotional defense, i’ve difficulties to eat (lump in my throat, knotted plexus), i’m worn out!

Has this to do with the energy bombarding that we receive this year, with the raising of the earth vibrations or is there something else? I’m completely lost in my ill-being.

Nevertheless i do keep thinking that it will finally get better, THAT ,even though i don’t feel them, i’m always surrounded by the angels and the light beings. Yet i need to say that i’m going through a very tough period!  Here is what i had to share… from the bottom of my heart…


Hello Claudine,

It’s true that we are subjected to a lot of heavy inner pressures due to the flow of Divine Light that is  now arriving on Earth. It comes to de-crystallise in us deep resistances we’re not always aware of. Yet, in what you describe, I can sense there is something else which is related to your personal story. Maybe you’ve experienced, without being aware of it, a disturbing event just before the appearing of those anxieties and it came reactivating some previous memories that are still vivid in you. As you said it, you’ve known that before.

As first step I’ll suggest you to ask guidance to your Divine Consciousness in order to remember the event that may have reactivated this ill-being. It’s possible you find it difficult, therefore you may also simply take a look at the emotion (the anxiety) and follow the invisible thread that brings you back in the time (in the world of the child) in order to recover the first circumstances related to this ill-being. This way, you’ll get the power to act directly on the cause in order to transform it with your adult consciousness and all your vibrational tools. Indeed as you described it, all the energetic tools are useful but it’s the work in full consciousness that is the most efficient  for a complete healing with no come back. This simply implies to honestly question our past, our inner worlds in order to find out how our environment has affected us and then change that by practicing a transmutation work.

Most of our anxieties are linked to two things:

  • A bad earth anchoring, the fact that we haven’t felt enough welcomed on this Earth and have had difficulties to find our place. This occurred because of the relationship with the mother,  whom we experienced as not enough present. This created emotional insecurity. In your case, the lack of welcoming you’ve might have felt,  happened during the foetal life. Ask to the Presence of Love within you to transmute that period. You can also practice some anchoring exercises: i recommend you, for instance, my meditation on the anchoring to the crystalline energies of  Earth that you can find on my site or my  youtube channel.
  • An hypersensitivity to the environment. A child is completely open to the outer world, it uses its senses to capture life, before it has access to the mind and the intellectualisation. If the environment is too violent, too hurting, the child will seek protection and progressively will anaesthetize itself  to stop capturing the outer. Even though that won’t change the problem, the hypersensitivity is still very present, we’ve just blocked it off. That plus the the emotional insecurity make that we don’t inhabit enough our inner space, there is a void, there is absence, and without being aware of it we are subjected to the outer and the collective unconscious. Do acknowledge within you this mediumship hypersensitivity (being an intermediary between the invisible realms and matter) and strengthen your inner self by cultivating acknowledgment, confidence, validation and by daring to take your place and assert yourself. The more you cultivate a qualitative Presence to yourself by giving yourself caring attention and love, the more healthy is your energetic structure. That enables you to experience your environment without getting hurt and thus not being subjected to it. When you choose to connect with the universal light love, you are no more subjected to the collective unconscious of humanity.

Finally, the Flower Bach Remedy that might support you in this process is Aspen (populus tremula) that acts directly on the anxieties. I advise you to use it together with the Star of Bethleem, the comforting flower, in order to get over your past and stop anaesthetizing your soul.


I also invite you to read or read again the Vibral heart Mail n° 9 because there is  a sharing  with an interesting  question to which I gave the following answer :

Hello Séverine, I think there is some confusion in your words. “To stay quiet” means cultivating peace, tenderness and the certainty that everything is perfect. It’s a inner state and has nothing to do with outer behaviours or actions. It is experiencing the certainty of being loved by Life. It’s a inner connection with our Beingness. It’s being connected with this Inner Presence that inspires us and sets us perfectly  into the right action. It has nothing to do with being passive but with creating  vibrationally our future by making life choices based on our intuition and not on outer conditioning.

Then, yes indeed the Ascension is very close since we do sense these inner shifts and since these peaceful states are more and more permanent. But to know when it’s going to occur is something nobody knows and i do not know it myself, will it be in a few days, weeks, months, years…? Actually we are creating our Ascension day after day, by choosing our right  inner positioning and by nourishing our Inner Presence until we make a priority of it.

To conclude I hope you understand it’s not being passive or expecting some outer event but a true personal creation based on the Love that you offer to yourself and to Life knowing with certainty you’ll receive the best.



Vibral Heart Mail n° 11 Alexia

Hello everybody,

What’s problematic in my life is that I’m completely unable to find a job that makes me vibrate, something I’ll do with my heart and that makes me feel I’m really helping the other and being in service for the light. That’s it. Thank you.


Hello Alexia,

In life, it’s important to have clear goals in order to give oneself  a direction. Therefore the first thing to do is to be listening to what we wish and what we like to do. Then we need to be

aware of the stories we tell ourselves about it and whether we unconsciously disempower  ourselves. For instance, you become aware you like to use your hands to give bodycare, but what are you telling yourself after that ? I don’t have any training …(find the information), I’m not capable of it … (do believe in you), there are many others who do better than me… (stop comparing yourself to others), what would my family will think of it ?… (be independent), my close friends see no value in it… (choose for yourself what is valuable for you) etc…

If you have difficulties to feel what makes you vibrate, it’s also because you might have anaesthetized yourself in regard to your wishes or you experience some personal and family forbidding. Come back to your own sensitivity by taking the time to go within and visualize yourself in different circumstances in order to find out what makes you the most joyful. Use your imagination. You may also ask your inner child what it likes and wishes, because the child in us always knows why it came in this incarnation. If you can’t find the answer right away, call upon your divine consciousness to guide you and maybe you’ll get it through a dream, an encounter, a reading…

Then, I noticed something peculiar in what you write :  I sense a separation between the fact  of having a job and vibrating, as if there was the doing (in the meaning of duty) on one hand, and on the other the being (the personal expression), but the two of them don’t meet or get together. What that means is that your sacred feminine and masculine are separated, you need to bring them together by aligning yourself  with your inner being (through the love and acknowledgment you give to yourself) and by following your intuition in order to find the right action. Within your inner unconscious processes, it means that there is mom on one hand and dad on the other, but they live separately, without connecting together (complicity, sharing…).

Finally, in order to get more clarification on the situation, ask yourself this question: why  wanting a job where you help people ? Is there a need to fix or an unconscious wish to save a person or bring her back to the light ? That will enable you to better know your inner processes and take the right decisions.

Have a luminous achievement !


n° 12 : Odile


Hello and thanks for this rubric,

I’m living alone for 30 years and at 800 kms away from my children since 20 years ; the wish to be closer to them has always been there. In december 2015 my last born proposed to buy some land and build an house for me to rent at a cheap price but it didn’t worked out and in december 2016 he proposed to buy a house already built.

In december 2015 i was sure of myself, the children told me to buy  where i wanted to live, to seriously think about moving to Seine et Marne because of the climate, i’m living near Toulon, that we won’t meet every week, that they might have to move. I don’t know any more what to do and fear to take the wrong decision. Here, in the Var, I’m quite alone, i see my children two or three times in a year.

I’m looking for a house in Seine et Marne but I can’t find anything suitable, because of my budget, I need a house with an energetic category A,B,C, and it’s difficult to find. Here, in the Var, the houses are expensive; for the moment I’m living in a small apartment where I don’t feel good, I dream above all of nature.
I feel lost, my dream is a house big enough to receive my children and surrounded with nature. Can you help me?

Thanks and have a nice day.


Hello Odile,

I can only give you advice about how to change your inner positioning and your perception of the situation. Then, it’s up to you to make the necessary shifts in consciousness in order to enable the evolution of your situation .

We create our reality from our vibrations (the sum of our beliefs and emotions, conscious or unconscious, self love or lack of it) and our material life results from it. In what you ask, what mainly emerges is a suffering related to lack:  lack of presence, of nature, of comfort, of freedom… The vibration of lack (void) can’t create a thriving reality, it’s on that level that the transformation should occur. I do admit it’s not always easy and that’s why we speak of “working on our self “. That asks us to progressively go toward a kind of mastery where we are no more subjected to our emotions but where we are directing them by changing our thoughts and perceptions of life, by aligning us with the universal  energetic laws.

You talk about your children but where is your place as a woman, as a being ? You’re not only a mom, you’re a being with one’s own rights and wishes and with a unique personality that has to live fully so that you can feel you exist in the matter, for you. Are you not asking your children to fill up your void ? Do you know how to exist just for you ? Do you appreciate your incarnation and are you happy to be you ?  Knowing how to honour oneself is necessary to acknowledge one’s own unique value. Fear has never been a good advisor, you have not to take decisions depending on others but depending on what makes you the most joyful and not in regard to your needs but to your wishes.

First start with cultivating another consciousness by taking care of yourself and by looking for within you and around you what makes you feel satisfied and grateful. Because it’s by nourishing the positive feelings that we nourish ourselves, that we fill ourselves. And then it’s a question of  intensity and balance. If you spend two hours worrying and fifteen minutes being happy, the quarter of an hour won’t be the winner. The “working on Self” is a deep commitment to transform one’s life by being fully implicated for oneself  using the strength  of divine love.

The more you cultivate the feeling-good there where you are, the more the situation can be transformed because you’ll stop nourishing the lack. That also will allow you to recover some inner quietness with a true feeling of peace and safety because it’s only at this condition that we can perceive our inner guidance, that little voice in us that always guides us with perfection to our highest achievement. It’s when the right positioning is settled down that the right decision can be taken, when the action is flowing thanks to our alignment. It’s better not to move  when there is uncomfort because the solution inevitably will be wobbly.

The vibrational investment consists, first of all, in acknowledging oneself, one’s value, one’s personal worthiness and the certainty to be loved and supported by Life, in order to then use one’s creative imagination, visualizing the situation quite vividly (a house in the nature where you feel good). The more you get aligned with your desire and with the vibration of Life, through the love you’re giving to yourself and by being deeply anchored (welcoming the incarnation), the more your wish get manifested and incarnated.

Keep it up !


n° 13: Céline


Since six years i don’t know what to do on a professional level and thus i do nothing… And it has become a big financial issue…  I wish to help people, to be thriving and finally to make a choice !  What is then the process to follow ?

Thanks, Céline


Hello Céline,

To begin with you need to come back to your state of mind of six years ago, why this has suddenly stopped ? Events don’t happen by chance, there is always an underlying reason, not always easy to identify.

Then you need to dive into your emotions. How did you felt at that time ? Is that emotion still alive in you ? It’s about  becoming aware in order to reset your life in motion.

And what is the wound at the origin of this blocking off ? Humiliation, betrayal, injustice, rejection, abandonment ? Go deep within to find out how you feel in that aspect of your life : work. Also become aware of the way you treat yourself regarding this situation. There too there is a letting go to achieve in order to stop blaming yourself or feeling guilty.

And then, there are the material fears related to it. You’ve got to find back your self confidence and it’s always through the connection with our talents and resources that the solution occurs. The more you nourish what is working well for you, the more you can thrive and get free. If, for instance, you spend most of your time brooding over your past or blaming yourself, you’re going to stay stuck. You do understand, after reading this, that the solution is to reset yourself into motion, not by beginning with the exterior but by going within, by finding inner peace and by cultivating new emotions.

It implies a practical work, making a list of your qualities, talents and skills. That will help  your inner validation. Define very precisely what you like and what you want to bring to the world, what you feel gratifying.

You talk about choices. But are you choosing for yourself ? Do you know how to get involved with your own well-being and to be emotionally committed with yourself ? Commitment is important and it’s a word that resonates well with work :-).

On inner levels, money and work are related to the masculine energy, meaning for your unconscious, that you’ve got to face dad. Visualize your inner child facing its dad and re-experience the beliefs and emotions that you’ve ingrained in this context. If there is suffering, take action as an adult to transmute it and find a new inner positioning, recovering  your personal power. It seems, from what emerges in your message and vibration, that you’ve experienced an assault, an attack to your integrity that had scared and frozen you. By healing this memory, by getting reconciled with your life (and Life), and by getting involved emotionally for yourself, you’ll find the way back to movement and action and become able to create for yourself a new more fulfilling reality.

“The secret to change consists in gathering one’s energy  to create something new and not to fight the old”.   Dan Millman


Vibral Heart Mail n° 14 : Nina

Hello Sophie and thanks a lot for this interesting initiative.

I work a lot on myself, what I like, but I don’t see the end of it.

This month of august is the apotheosis, I feel lost especially when it’s about to take action. I do know I need to set up  actions in order to bring changes (I wish to experience more true contact, vibral contact with others) but I find it difficult to shake myself up, to let go of the old behaviors (fear of confrontation, of  invasion).  I would appreciate if you could you give some new perspective.

Thanks for all what you do, Nina


Hello Nina,

Even though august is far away :-), the subject is still topical because we might ask ourselves whether there is an end to the work on the Self. I do think there is, in the connotation of the word “work” which implies the need to make an effort. Actually it’s important to change our state of mind and let ourselves  “ be in peace”. We can always find something that needs to be fixed in us, some lack or ill-being.  But we can also decide that we’re ok just as we are and cultivate the contentment of being our Self. For me, that’s one of the trap in personal development. We could spend our all life looking for what’s going wrong and keep entertaining  inner lack. Yet, in our human identity, we have to admit that we are continually evolving and that it’s always improving. Perfection, as it’s used to say, doesn’t exist in our world and it’s no big deal. What is essential is to be pleased with ourselves and to know how to appreciate our life, accepting who we are. It’s this way that the flowing and the true movement of life can be expressed within us and all around us.

You’re speaking of action, rather, begin to focus on what you’re asking to yourself, you know all the “ shoulds” … . The actions based upon the will of the personality are not creating happiness, they are duties and forced work. It doesn’t work on the long term and create on the contrary a deep demoralization. Therefore it’s about to firstly love oneself and let oneself be loved just as we are. This will create a new inner quietness that will enable to progressively install flexibility within us. The true vibral contact needs to be installed firstly  for ourselves. Thus checkout that you are in a good state of openness toward yourself.

Then, your old behaviours are based on your past and education. Start with sending love onto them in order to free the invasion’s feelings that you might have experienced ant that you describe in your message. More precisely, to enter into action means to let start again the masculine energy within us. This energy, in our subconscious, is related to the father. Therefore i invite you to look in your inner worlds how you’ve experienced it from the child point of view. Come back to a healthy understanding of the sacred masculine: knowing how to give, talk, enter into action, love protect, guide… Transform in you the relationship to the father, welcome you, as soon as your day begins, with love and kindliness and you’ll see your daily life change progressively because you’ll be vibrating from a new inspiration.

Keep it going luminously !


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